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Neuman Issues Statement on the Glenn Highway Closure


Long waits & long lines have Alaskans frustrated & commerce stops

Friday, August 3, 2012, Big Lake, Alaska - A number of road closures this month in the Southcentral Alaska area have legislators concerned with growing congestion.

With the closure of the Glen Highway today, Rep. Mark Neuman, R-Su Valley, and other Members of the Valley delegation are urging Alaskans to look at building alternative routes in and out of Anchorage – such as the Knik Arm Crossing.

“It’s events like this, as tragic as they maybe, that help us realize just how fragile our transportation system is in Alaska. Thousands of families use the Glen Highway each day, as do business in transporting goods and services to many Alaskans,” Neuman said. “These are the reasons why I feel so strongly about building the Knik Arm Crossing.”


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