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Harbour Report: Weekend Update Aug. 25



Kenai Peninsula Clarion.  

2. What role should the Legislature play in ensuring the future energy security of Alaska?

Joe Arness: Clearly, some portion of our current income stream should be dedicated to energy security. That would include both renewable and non-renewable sources. Simply giving lip service to such planning will leave us wanting as time goes by...there needs to be a funded, thJoe Arness and Cathy Giesseloughtful program whose purpose is to review and encourage alternatives.

Cathy Giessel: Rising energy costs affect businesses and citizens. The Legislature must act to facilitate an in-state natural gas pipeline, bringing


Vote 'No' on 2!

ADN Op-Ed by Governor Frank Murkowski (NGP Photo).  The Coastal Zone Planning Initiative that Alaska Governor, Frank Murkowski, Coastal Management Program, Voters Initiative, Photo by Dave Harbourwill appear on the Aug. 28 primary ballot as Measure 2 is very different from the bill that passed the House 40-0 in the 2011 session of the Legislature.  As proof -- only 7 out of 60 Alaska Legislators supported Proposition 2 when it was proposed as legislation in the 2012 session of the Legislature. Remember:

There had been

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