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Dog Days of Summer


Welcome to the dog days of summer. No, it doesn’t mean we get to lounge around on the porch napping in the hot sun. In Alaska, it means we work like dogs to get everything ready before winter hits.

In the oil and gas industry, that may mean exploring and drilling, or not. ConocoPhillips is investing, but not heavily, in Alaska. We’re coming to a crossroads with natural gas and LNG may be the way to go. Cook Inlet is heating up with activity—Liberty is not. (Stories begin on page 42.)

In the construction industry, August brings ramped up work across the state, some of which we’ve covered in our quarterly Building Alaska special section (begins on page 66). We’ve included project updates, a story about women building houses, taken a look at an Alaska Railroad project up north, and started an infrastructure bucket list. We discovered that in addition to roads and bridges and buildings, a lot of the work going on this summer involves wind farm construction, so we explored several aspects of this with stories about the construction of wind farms, the dynamics of wind energy, and the transportation of the components—talk about oversized freight!

August is also a month with long days of field work for mitigation, remediation, site investigations, environmental studies, and permitting for natural resources development, which our annual Environmental Services special section sheds some light on (begins on page 100).

Outside Alaska, the 2012 London Summer Olympics run through Aug. 12, and we have a lone competitor: Corey Cogdell. She won the bronze in Beijing in 2008 for women’s trap, winning the first ever Olympic shooting medal for Team USA. Watch her compete Saturday, Aug. 4 (tune in to NBC beginning around midnight Friday night Alaska time, or show up in London around 9 a.m. that Saturday).

August also marks the beginning of a new school year, time for another state fair, and the end of summer. It is harvest time for crops of fresh Alaska grown produce. It’s when the silvers run, and the politicians. The primary election is Tuesday, Aug. 28 and you’ll find a roster of candidates on page 126.

Enjoy the magazine, take a break from working like a dog and dig in for another really great issue of Alaska Business Monthly.

-Susan Harrington, Managing Editor

This article first appeared in the August 2012 print edition of Alaska Business Monthly magazine.
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