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Begich Welcomes Sen. Wyden to Alaska: Comprehensive tax reform legislation on itinerary


U.S. Sen. Mark Begich announced today that he is pleased to welcome U.S. Sen. Ron Wyden (D-OR) to Alaska next week. Begich and Wyden are co-sponsors, along with Sen. Daniel Coats (R-IN), of the Bi-Partisan Tax Fairness and Simplification Act.

During the visit, Senators Begich and Wyden are holding a global trade and finance discussion with local business leaders where they will discuss their legislation and preview the tax reform debate coming in Congress.

“As one of the leaders on tax reform in the Senate, it will be great to have Senator Wyden in Alaska where we will have the opportunity talk to Alaskans about the need to simplify taxes for businesses, and to overhaul the tax system in general,” Begich said. “We know many important decisions need to be made in the months ahead about how to reduce the debt and the deficit, and reforming the tax structure for our country is key to that discussion.”

“Senator Begich has been one of the earliest and staunchest supporters in the Senate of comprehensive tax reform and I look forward to joining him in pitching our bipartisan proposal directly to Alaskans,” Wyden said.

Sen. Wyden is next in line to be either Chairman or Ranking Member of the Senate Energy and Natural Resources committee which has jurisdiction over oil and natural gas policy.

The Bi-Partisan Tax Fairness and Simplification Act is designed to simplify the tax system, reduce rates for individuals and families, and provide tax relief to the middle class.  It also creates incentives for businesses to grow and invest in the United States. The Wyden-Coats-Begich bill updates President Reagan’s tax reform law of 25 years ago by streamlining the tangled web of nearly 10,000 exemptions, deductions, credits and other preferences that clutter the U.S. tax code, and creating a simpler and fairer system for American workers and businesses. 

As part of the visit, Senators Begich and Wyden will also tour the Campbell Creek Estuary in Anchorage with U.S. Fish and Wildlife Director Dan Ashe.

Tuesday, August 28 - Anchorage - 1 p.m.
Campbell Creek Estuary tour with Begich, Wyden, and USFWS Director Ashe

Wednesday, August 29 - Anchorage - 10 a.m.
Tax reform/global finance, trade discussion with local businesses
Wells Fargo boardroom, 301 W. Northern Lights


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