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BBNC Welcomes New Staff


Anchorage, AK – Bristol Bay Native Corporation (BBNC) is pleased to welcome three new employees to their corporate office; Nellie Phillips, Geri Storer and Catherine Reamey.

Nellie Phillips is a BBNC shareholder that joined BBNC as Legal Assistant in July. Nellie was born and raised in Anchorage, and her family comes from Perryville. She will be continuing her education with a focus in Law alongside her employment at BBNC. Prior to joining BBNC, Nellie worked at the Alaska Medicaid office. In her new position, she will provide support to the Legal Department on multiple projects including subsidiary matters, administrative support and research assistance. “I look forward to a long and successful career with BBNC, as my efforts will benefit our shareholders and the success of the corporation,” she said.

Geri Storer joined BBNC in July as Vice President, Corporate Development. She was born and raised in Barrow and earned her bachelor’s degree in economics and Japanese studies from Wellesley College, as well as her master’s degree from Harvard Business School. Prior to joining BBNC, Geri spent 11 years working at ExxonMobil, two years at Shell and almost nine years at Arctic Slope Regional Corporation. In her new role at BBNC, she is responsible for the overall management of BBNC’s corporate development strategy. “I am excited to work for BBNC and admire the integrity of the company and its leadership and employees,” Geri said.

Catherine Reamey is our newest member to BBNC. She is a BBNC shareholder that started in her new position of Shareholder Development Manager at the end of July. Cathy is from Dillingham and prior to moving to Anchorage to join BBNC, she worked for Dillingham High School as the Youth Development Career Guide for two years. She has also worked for Bristol Bay Native Association, Clarks Point Village Council, and Southwest Region Schools in Bristol Bay. In her new role, Cathy will help advance the employment and training opportunities of shareholders, and assist, counsel and help prepare shareholders that are looking to seek, enter, or advance in their fields. “This is a very exciting time; there are so many wonderful opportunities for shareholders. I look forward to calls, emails and face-to-face visits where I can help connect shareholders to employment,” she said.

“BBNC is growing, and the qualified staff we have on board are helping lead us into a bright future,” said BBNC president and chief executive officer Jason Metrokin. “I am pleased to welcome Nellie, Geri and Cathy to our team and am confident all three will help execute BBNC’s mission of ‘Enriching our Native Way of Life’ on behalf of our shareholders from the Bristol Bay region and abroad.”

About BBNC: BBNC is one of 13 Alaska Native Regional Corporations formed under the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act of 1971. The corporation has over 9,000 Eskimo, Aleut and Athabascan shareholders with ancestral ties to the Bristol Bay region. BBNC is diversified with investment and business holdings in a stock portfolio, construction, government services, oilfield and industrial services and petroleum distribution. For more information, visit www.bbnc.net.

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