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Anch Chamber Opposes Ballot Measure 2


ANCHORAGE - While the Anchorage Chamber of Commerce recognizes that the Alaska Coastal Management Program (ACMP) is expired and that Alaska is the only state without a coastal management program, we do not support the creation of a newly-designed program through the current initiative process.

It is imperative that the legislative process be implemented on issues like this to ensure due diligence and the development of a program that meets the needs of Alaska's stakeholders and provides adequate protection, development, and access to our resources.

Therefore, the Anchorage Chamber does not support Ballot Measure 2.

The Anchorage Chamber does support a legislature driven process.
In 2011, the Anchorage Chamber supported Gov. Parnell's original goal of continuing the existing ACMP that was in place; and we also supported the compromise legislation, HB106, that passed the House of Representatives, 40-0.

Both of those proposed coastal zone management programs were fair, effective programs that would have protected Alaska's lands and waters in the coastal zone, provided for coastal district involvement and community participation, and provided the regulated community with clear, consistent and reasonable rules and standards for environmentally sound economic development in Alaska.

Should the legislative process be implemented, the Anchorage Chamber would encourage that the legislature create a program that:

  • Does not adopt new rules and standards that can go beyond state and federal standards and requirements, thus allowing local districts to adopt enforceable policies that effectively veto projects that fully comply with all state and federal requirements;
  • Does not create a new unelected citizen board with broad powers to draft and approve regulations (with only one member to represent all of Anchorage and Matanuska Valley), and direct action of state departments;
  • Does not introduce new broad and subjective terms to determine a "coastal use or resource," including limitations and restrictions that can be based upon "scenic and aesthetic enjoyment;"
  • Provides timelines for reviews; allows for Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation permits to proceed concurrently with the ACMP consistency review process; limits areas where new district rules can apply; and prohibits third party challenges (all were in the existing ACMP that sunset in 2011);
  • Provides language that is clear, concise, and well-written; and thus limits the potential to increase litigation and cause additional delays;

See a list of current Anchorage Chamber board positions/statements here.

The Anchorage Chamber of Commerce is a non-profit, member-driven business organization with more than 1,100 members representing more than 60,000 employees.  For businesses interested in membership, annual fees are based on the type of organization and number of full-time year-round employees.  More information about the Anchorage Chamber is available at Anchoragechamber.org or by calling (907) 272-2401.

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