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Air France KLM Traffic Results July 2012



4                     Passenger: 1.1% rise in traffic and good progress of unit revenues ex-currency

4                     Cargo: 5.5% decline in traffic with 2.5 point lower load factor

In order to facilitate year on year comparison passenger data has been restated to include the passenger business of Martinair.

Passenger business

July 2012 traffic rose 1.1% for capacity up 1.6%, leading to a slight (-0.4 point) decline in load factor, which remained at the high level of 86.9%. The number of passengers amounted to 7.43 million, up 1.5%. Unit revenue per available seat kilometre (RASK) ex-currency was up relative to July 2011.

             On the Americas network traffic and capacity rose by 2.0% and 1.5% respectively. The load factor improved by 0.4 points to 90.7%.   

             The Asia network saw traffic rise by 3.3% for capacity up by 5.6%. The load factor declined by 2.0 points to 89.4%.

             The Africa and Middle East network saw a decline in traffic of 4.0% with capacity down by 4.1%. The load factor was stable at 85.1% (+0.1 point).

             On the Caribbean and Indian Ocean network traffic declined by 3.3% for capacity down 5.7%. The load factor gained 2.1 points to 85.5%.

             The European network recorded a 3.2% rise in traffic for capacity up by 5.2% under the effect of the provincial bases. The load factor declined by 1.6 points to 80.4%.   

Cargo business

The cargo business saw a 5.5% decline in traffic for capacity down 1.6%. The load factor stood at 61.6% (-2.5 points). Unit revenue per available tonne kilometre (RATK) ex-currency was lower than in July 2011.

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