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The 2010 Alaska Business Report Card


Representatives from the undersigned statewide business associations collaborated to evaluate members of the 2010 Alaska State Legislature based on their respective performances related to the priorities of Alaska's business community. Legislators were evaluated on the following broad policy areas - 1) Government Spending, 2) Regulatory Streamlining, 3) Tort Reform, 4) Business Taxes, 5) Open and Transparent Government, 6) Energy Policy and 7) Leadership.

Specific legislation considered in the grading process included, but was not limited to, the operating and capital budget bills (HB300 and SB230), reform of the Alaska Coastal Management Program (HB74 and SB4), limited liability in workers' compensation claims (SB303), oil and gas production tax reform (HB308), decoupling of oil and gas production taxes (SB305), vessel passenger taxes (SB312), ballot initiative reform (HB36), Cook Inlet natural gas storage and tax credits (HB280), state energy policy (HB306), and in-state pipeline coordination team (HB369). Grading was based on bill sponsorships, committee and floor votes as well as actions taken in committee when applicable.

Each of the participating organizations actively works to build a strong economy in Alaska and to ensure the state develops a policy regime that supports jobs and business. The scorecard is intended to give our collective memberships a clearer sense of who in Juneau stands up for Alaskan business. Each of our organizations will continue to work with all of our policy makers to make Alaska an attractive place for private sector investment, jobs and economic growth.

Alaska State Chamber of Commerce Prosperity Alaska Alaska Support Industry Alliance Resource Development Council for Alaska Associated Builders and Contractors, Inc.

Alaska State Senate Alaska State House Con Bunde (R) - Anchorage A- John Coghill (R) - North Pole C- Bettye Davis (D) - Anchorage D+ Fred Dyson (R) - Eagle River C Dennis Egan (D) - Juneau C+ Johnny Ellis (D) - Anchorage D Hollis French (D) - Anchorage F Lyman Hoffman (D) - Bethel D Charlie Huggins (R) - Wasilla B+ Albert Kookesh (D) - Angoon D Lesil McGuire (R) - Anchorage B- Linda Menard (R) - Wasilla C Kevin Meyer (R) - Anchorage C+ Donny Olson (D) - Nome D+ Joe Paskvan (D) - Fairbanks C Bert Stedman (R) - Sitka D+ Gary Stevens (R) - Kodiak C- Joe Thomas (D) - Fairbanks C Tom Wagoner (R) - Kenai C Bill Wielechowski (D) - Anchorage F

Alaska State Flag

Alan Austerman (R) - Kodiak C- Bob Buch (D) - Anchorage D Mike Chenault (R) - Nikiski B Sharon Cissna (D) - Anchorage F Harry Crawford (D) - Anchorage D- Nancy Dahlstrom (R) - Eagle River D+ Mike Doogan (D) - Anchorage D Bryce Edgmon (D) - Dillingham D Anna Fairclough (R) - Eagle River B- Neal Foster (D) - Nome C Les Gara (D) - Anchorage F Berta Gardner (D) - Anchorage D- Carl Gatto (R) - Wasilla C Max Gruenberg (D) - Anchorage D- David Guttenberg (D) - Fairbanks F John Harris (R) - Valdez C- Mike Hawker (R) - Anchorage B- Bob Herron (D) - Bethel C Lindsey Holmes (D) - Anchorage D Kyle Johansen (R) - Ketchikan C+ Craig Johnson (R) - Anchorage A Reggie Joule (D) - Kotzebue D Scott Kawasaki (D) - Fairbanks F Wes Keller (R) - Wasilla C Mike Kelly (R) - Fairbanks C+ Beth Kerttula (D) - Juneau F Bob Lynn (R) - Anchorage D Charisse Millett (R) - Anchorage B- Cathy Munoz (R) - Juneau C Mark Neuman (R) - Big Lake B Kurt Olson (R) - Kenai C+ Pete Petersen (D) - Anchorage D Jay Ramras (R) - Fairbanks B Woodie Salmon (D) - Fort Yukon F Paul Seaton (R) - Homer F Bill Stoltze (R) - Chugiak C Bill Thomas (R) - Haines C- Chris Tuck (D) - Anchorage D Peggy Wilson (R) - Ketchikan B- Tammie Wilson (R) - North Pole C+

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