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Statement From Rep. Young On The Dillingham Plane Crash


Fairbanks, AlaskaAlaskan Congressman Don Young released the following statement this morning on the plane crash in Dillingham:

“My deepest sympathies and my prayers go out to all of the families of those who were killed in this plane crash.  This is an absolute tragedy for Alaska and for its people.  Ted was a very close, personal friend of me and my family.  I used to babysit his kids, and he would babysit mine.  He’s been my mentor, first in the State Legislature, and then as our Senior Senator and I will miss him a great deal.  Ted is a true Alaskan hero, and a hero for our nation.  I am a man of strong faith and I know that he is in heaven continuing the good Lord’s work as he did here on earth.  I will continue to pray for Catherine, the kids, and the families of all of the other victims on board.  May God bless them all.”

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