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Senator Lesil McGuire’s Statement Regarding the Passing of Senator Ted Stevens


Today I join my neighbors, my colleagues in the Alaska State Senate, friends and family in

mourning the loss of one of Alaska’s true heroes. Senator Ted Stevens was a champion for

Alaska and a mentor to many of us. As a young woman I was lucky enough to work very closely

with Senator Stevens and he quickly became an important part of my life. He inspired me to take

the leap of running for public office to serve our state, along with many other young Alaskans.

He believed with every step up the ladder, his duty was to reach back and pull another up with


Over the years, I often turned to Senator Stevens, seeking his words of wisdom and sound advice

in carrying out my duties. He became a great support to me and many other Alaska lawmakers

when we worked on heavy issues facing Alaska. Most recently, this past session I contacted him

regarding legislation supporting the development and construction of an in-state gas pipeline.

We discussed the demand and need for getting gas to Alaskans and also discussed and looked

forward to Fischer-Tropsch technologies in Alaska. In his usual lion style not only was

supportive of my efforts but came forward to testify before the Senate Resources Committee

meeting in April. This was a true testament of his commitment to Alaska. His leadership

transcended his titles as he continued to fight for his state.

This is a tremendous loss for all of Alaska. Senator Ted Stevens was an amazing friend and

mentor to me. He was an incredible husband, father, grandfather, statesman, protector and

defender of Alaskans; an “Uncle” to us all and a true hero.

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