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Rep. Young Applauds Signing of HB 210


Anchorage, Alaska - Alaskan Congressman Don Young applauded the signing of Alaska House Bill 210 into law this morning.  HB 210 authorizes a land exchange with the federal government for a road corridor through the Izembek National Wildlife Refuge to provide road access between King Cove and Cold Bay.  

"I have been an active supporter of this project from the beginning, and have repeatedly worked to move legislation through the House that would facilitate the land exchange on the federal level," said Rep. Young.  "My Izembek and Alaska Peninsula Refuge and Wilderness Enhancement and King Cove Safe Access Act passed Congress last year as part of the Omnibus Lands Package, and now with the signing of this state legislation, this long needed solution to a very real problem can be realized.  

"The people of King Cove need a safe and reliable road to be able to get to Cold Bay where the state's third largest airport runway exists.  The Aleut people have lived in King Cove for more than 4,000 years, yet they have been completely isolated from the rest of the region since 1980 when the federal government created a wilderness area between King Cove and Cold Bay.  This has been a very long time coming, but finally, with the signing of HB 210, we can give the people of King Cove the chance that they are due."
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