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House Majority E-News for Aug 5, 2010 ANS Crude: $81.16 Henry Hub: $4.84


Hearing to Seek Explanation for Massive UPS Pilot Layoffs in

(Anchorage) - House Transportation Committee Vice-Chair Craig
Johnson, R-Anchorage, announced today that the committee will hold a
hearing later this month to discuss recent major layoffs at UPS,
affecting over half of the company's Alaska-based pilot workforce. The
hearing, tentatively scheduled for Aug. 31, will be held at the
Anchorage Legislative Information Office and be teleconferenced

UPS announced plans to lay off 300 pilots in March, partially in
response to the global recession. At the time UPS stated that it was
the "right business decision" and indicated that the layoffs would
affect an undisclosed number of Alaskan pilots. It was later
determined that 262 of the 300 layoffs will involve Alaskan-based
pilots and that 84 Alaskan resident pilots will lose their jobs.

"The impact of the layoffs is hitting our economy," Johnson said.
"You can't lose that many high paying jobs without negative
consequences." Johnson noted there's a growing consensus among
legislators that the issue deserves closer scrutiny, especially
considering the importance of the air cargo industry to Anchorage. He
said discussions are currently underway between House and Senate
leaders regarding the possibility of holding a joint hearing on the

The full text of this release and audio can be found below:



House and Senate Committee Announcements

Twenty-Sixth Alaska State Legislature - Interim

Published by the Chief Clerk's Office - 465-3725

Published by the Senate Secretary's Office - 465-3701

Americans with Disabilities Act Notice - Persons with disabilities
who require special accommodation or alternative communication formats
to access committee meetings may contact the appropriate committee
office or the Legislative Information Office in their community.
Reasonable advance notice is needed to accommodate the request. For
further information, call the ADA Coordinator at 465-3854
Voice/465-4980 TDD.

* first hearing in first committee of referral

+ teleconferenced

= bill was previously heard/scheduled



Aug 09 Monday Anchorage Area 9:00 AM

Location: Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson

Briefing on Alaska Military Force Advocacy &

Structure Team (AMFAST) Long Range Plan

by General Katkus & AMFAST Team

Tour of Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson

-- Testimony <Invitation Only> --



Aug 20 Friday Anch Lio Rm 220 Time TBA

+ RPLs

Audit Requests

Other Committee Business

Audits - Executive Session

Sep 24 Friday Anch Lio Rm 220 Time TBA

+ RPLs

Audit Requests

Other Committee Business

Audits - Executive Session

Oct 29 Friday Anch Lio Rm 220 Time TBA

+ RPLs

Audit Requests

Other Committee Business

Audits - Executive Session




Aug 09 Monday Anch Lio Rm 220 1:30 PM

-- Rescheduled from 8/2 --

+ Update from the Joint In-State Gasline

Development Team

-- Testimony <Invitation Only> --
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