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Closed Section of Turnagain Arm Trail Re-Opened


(Anchorage, AK) – The portion of the Turnagain Arm Trail between the Potter and McHugh Creek Trailheads that was previously closed due to a potentially wounded brown bear has been reopened to the public.  No sightings have since been reported and a sweep of the region did not reveal any signs that a wounded bear remained in the area.  The area will be posted with “Green Bear Alert” signs for the next few days. 

Individuals must remain alert whenever traveling in bear country, always take appropriate precautionary measures, be prepared to encounter a bear as well as be knowledgeable in recognizing their behavior and know how to respond to an encounter.  For more information visit: http://www.wc.adfg.state.ak.us/index.cfm?adfg=bears.bearfax

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