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BP Reports Nearly $400 Million in Claims Payments as Program Transitions to GCCF


HOUSTON - BP, which has transitioned its individual and business claims program to the Gulf Coast Claims Facility (GCCF), said today it made claim payments of nearly $400 million during the 16 weeks it managed claims related to the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

BP noted the following claims activity since May 3 when it paid its first claim:
  • Amount Paid: $399 million
  • Claims Filed: 154,000
  • Checks Written: 127,000
  • Calls Received: 166,000
The GCCF assumed responsibility for individual and business claims Monday morning. BP will ensure that individuals or businesses contacting its existing claims phone lines or websites are referred to the GCCF.

BP's claims team will continue to handle government claims and funding requests. The contact information for government claims is: online, www.bp.com/governmentclaim; by email, governmentclaims@worleyco.com; by mail, Government Entity Claims and Funding Requests, 1905 W. Thomas Street; Suite D-358, Hammond, LA 70401; by phone, 1-877-710-4064; and by fax, 1-800-810-5650.

During the first three weeks of August, BP made claims payments of $133 million. Payments to claimants in past months were $134 million in July, $93 million in June, and $39 million in May, making this one of the largest claim payment programs conducted in a 16-week period.

For detailed information please see the attached charts and graphs. total amounts paid by categorylink_arrow.gif Download high resolution image (jpg, 33KB) Amount paid by monthlink_arrow.gif Download high resolution image (jpg, 143KB) lost income profit vs other amounts paidlink_arrow.gif Download high resolution image (jpg, 99KB) claim payments by counties parisheslink_arrow.gif Download high resolution image (jpg, 155KB) For further information: www.bp.com/gulfofmexicoresponse
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