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Angoon Aims for Community Store


Hi Friends & Family of Angoon,

We (Duff and Catrina) encourage you to check out the website below, vote and bookmark the site to vote for a worthy Alaskan project.  The best part is you can *vote every day*.  Churches and people of Angoon are forming a community store to reduce the cost of food in Angoon and to provide competition by buying staples in bulk.  They also want to establish an artists' market to bring money into the local Angoon economy.

Angoon is currently ranked 49 out of 1277 in the Pepsi projects! They need to get to the top 2 spots by August 31 in order to get funded. Your help is needed in voting everyday, but also to spread the word to get others to *vote every day*.  Click on the weblink to register to vote for the Angoon Community Store but after registering you have to go to the bottom of the page and "vote for this project".  Please the video too.  This is a legitimate project by Pepsi.  Please give the Angoon project your time and consideration.  Gunalchéesh.  Catrina & Duff

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