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Alaska Firm Wins $4.7 Million Air Force Contract


Venture Ad Astra, LLC (VAA), an Anchorage based technology company was recently awarded a contract by the Air Force Research Laboratory to further develop an innovative precision timing and location technology that calculates position completely independent of GPS.  “As good as GPS is, it makes a lot of sense to look at alternatives which are not reliant or dependent on GPS, especially for aviation.” said Harrison Freer, the VAA Government Operations President.  The core technology, called PhaseNet and   developed by VAA’s wholly owned subsidiary ZuluTime, LLC does just this and has many potential applications for the military, homeland security, and the consumer.  VAA is encouraged that the Air Force saw fit to make this investment and looks forward to success in this research.   Geoff Rhoads, the inventor of PhaseNet is very optimistic.  “I think this will have the breakthrough impact equivalent to GPS, as we harness the power of networks and take precise location and timing to the next level.”   Rhoads commented that there was a lot of work ahead to realize the potential of this concept but getting started on this contract is an exciting step forward.  The actual work will primarily be conducted in Alaska and in Oregon where Venture Ad Astra has offices.

Venture Ad Astra is a technology company using innovation and engineering development to solve real world problems with a focus on geospatial and position, navigation, and timing (PNT) products and services primarily for government customers in the areas of defense, intelligence, and civil space

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