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WTCAK/Institute of North host 2009 Alaska Dialogue in Talkeetna Sept. 10-11


WTCAK is pleased to pass along the following message from our colleagues at Institute of the North

The 2009 Alaska Dialogue

Alaska as a Global Citizen:

How are we able to respond to issues locally without thinking globally?

10-12 September 2009

Talkeetna Alaska Lodge

You are invited to participate in the Institute of the North's Alaska Dialogue, September 10-12 at the Talkeetna Alaskan Lodge. During the course of the weekend, you will meet leaders from across Alaska, engage with many issues facing the state and create positive new ideas for moving Alaska forward.

Building on the work done at this year's Emerging Leaders Dialogue, we will frame the discussion of Alaska as a Global Citizen around the "triple bottom line" - enabling us to examine our global/local connections from an economic, social and environmental perspective. Within that framework, this Dialogue will explore how Alaska interacts on a global level.

- Where do we find best practices in, to name a few, economic development strategies; civic responsibility; energy efficiency, conservation, and development; and wise use of the commons?

- What ideas or processes can Alaska export, or could we be exporting?

For instance, could we serve as a model in fisheries management/CDQs; emergency response; and construction and weatherization?

Your attendance ensures that the outcomes are diverse and many, and that we continue to move Alaska toward being the best possible place on earth. We'll be joined by national and international figures who can assist us in developing the ways in which we can think globally and act locally.

After nine years of looking at Alaska's internal issues, now is the opportunity to look both at what we can learn and what we can share with those around the Arctic and across the globe.

Please contact Nils Andreassen by email or at 907.771.2448 for more information.

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