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Senator French Urges Governor Parnell to Work on Strategic Gas Initiative


(JUNEAU) – Senator Hollis French (D-Anchorage) wrote to Governor Sean Parnell yesterday, asking him to cooperate with the legislature to find an efficient and economical way to store an emergency supply of natural gas that would be available to Alaskans in times of shortage.

“Until a bullet line is built, the most populous part of our state is in jeopardy of running short of the gas many of us rely on to heat our homes,” said Senator French.  “The companies that provide this gas have been warning us for years that, especially in a cold winter, we might face a real crisis.”

In his letter today, Senator French urged Governor Parnell to work with legislators, engineers, financial analysts and government officials to develop a plan to prepare the state for a possible crippling shortage of natural gas.

“I believe that someday, natural gas will flow in great volumes from the North Slope through Fairbanks to Southcentral Alaska,” said Senator French.  “But that day is many years away, and we cannot wait for a bullet line, or a spur line from a large diameter pipe, to solve this problem.”

Senator French told the Governor that he hopes to have a concrete and specific proposal to address the potential loss of gas to Southcentral by the time the legislature re-convenes in Juneau next January.
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