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Seasonal Closure of the Albert Loop Trail


Effective Noon August 12, 2009

(Anchorage, AK)
- Spawning salmon have returned to waters in the vicinity of the Eagle River Nature Center.  Annually, the Albert Loop Trail area is closed to the public since it is a historical black & brown bear feeding area.  Bears and their cubs congregate in this area to utilize the bridges and beaver dams as fishing platforms, as well as the adjacent brush and timber areas for cover. This annually recurring temporary seasonal closure has been in effect since 1997.

This closure does not affect the Iditarod/Crow Pass trail, the Rodak Loop and viewing platforms, or the Dew Mound Trail.  This closure shall be in effect beginning at 12:00 noon on the 12th of August, 2009.  The Albert Loop trail and general region will remain closed until it is publicly announced that the closure is lifted due to Freeze-Up or the bears go into hibernation.  Remember, whenever on an Alaskan trail, individuals must always take appropriate precautionary measures, be prepared to encounter a bear, and be knowledgeable in recognizing their behavior and know how to respond to an encounte

August 11, 2009
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