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Alaska State Chamber of Commerce E-News


Riding the Wave: Setting a Course for the Next 50 Years

Land's End Resort
Homer, Alaska
September 21-23, 2009

Our 50th Annual Fall Conference and Business Trade Show is scheduled for September 21-23, 2009 at the Lands End Resort in Homer.  The Annual Fall Conference and Business Trade Show will feature timely topics important to the future of Alaska business.  PLEASE NOTE: the flyer for the Association Management Training workshop, the draft agenda and a list of things to do in Homer are now available on our website, www.alaskachamber.com.

On-line conference registration ends September 17th!! Register for the conference here.  Travel pricing includes incentives for travel on Alaska Airlines and ERA Aviation as well as special rates for accommodations at the Land's End Resort. Please contact Teri Engebretson at info@alaskachamber.com or (907) 586-2010 regarding registration and payment questions.

Your participation in the Alaska State Chamber of Commerce organization enhances our ability to promote a positive environment for Alaska businesses.

Statewide Business Trade Show Registration
Our trade show is an exceptional opportunity to promote your products and services to business leaders and key lawmakers from across Alaska, Canada and the Pacific Northwest.  For detailed information about trade show booth packages and registration prices, visit www.alaskachamber.com.  Interested businesses are invited to reserve their trade show booth on-line.  On-line trade show registration ends September 17th!! Register for the trade show here.  Please contact Cheryl at celuska@alaskachamber.com or (907) 278-2727 with questions regarding the trade show.

WPX Delivery Solutions is offering a special rate for Alaska State Chamber members to ship their trade show materials to and from Homer throughout Alaska and the Pacific Northwest.  Please contact Christine Landry at (800) 562-1091 ext. 1033 or e-mail clandry@wpx.com to arrange transportation of your trade show materials.

We are proud to receive the support of the following businesses for our 50th Annual Fall Conference and Business Trade Show:  ACS, AT&T, Alaska Housing Finance Corporation, Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute, ConocoPhillips, Homer Chamber of Commerce, Kachemak Bay Title Agency, Land's End Resort, Lynden, Pebble Ltd. Partnership, Petro Marine, Pioneer Natural Resources Alaska, Tacoma-Pierce County Chamber of Commerce, Wells Fargo and Yukon Chamber of Commerce.

To show your support for the Alaska State Chamber of Commerce and imprint your company brand, consider being a conference or trade show sponsor.  You can view the sponsorship menu on our website at www.alaskachamber.com.  Businesses interested in sponsorship opportunities are invited to contact Cheryl Eluska at celuska@alaskachamber.com or (907) 278-2727.  Deadline to reserve your sponsorship is September 7th!!

State Chamber Board Elections
Pursuant to the By-Laws of the Alaska State Chamber of Commerce, this will serve as notice of the recommendations of the Board Development Committee for filling seats for the 2009 election.  The Board of Directors will vote on this slate of candidates at its upcoming Board meeting on Wednesday September 23, 2009.  A complete list of Candidates and Seats they are nominated for is included below.
Article V - Board of Directors
Section 8 - Election 
The Board shall elect members of the Board by written ballot.  The Board Development Committee shall nominate the total number of elected positions on the Board by its own action.  The list of nominees shall be posted on the Chamber web site, www.alaskachamber.com

Additional names of candidates for Directors can be nominated from the floor at the meeting, provided, that such nominees indicate their willingness to serve on the Board of Directors, and that they otherwise meet the qualifications for serving on the Board as set forth in these By-laws.  Members of the Board Development Committee may not nominate from the floor.

A copy of the BOARD MEMBER NOMINEE CERTIFICATION STATEMENT is attached for any one who may be interested in making a nomination from the floor at the Board meeting.

The Board Development Committee has contacted the following members to ascertain their interest and willingness to serve on the Board of Directors for the Alaska State Chamber of Commerce.  These people have indicated their willingness to serve on the Board.  The seats up for election at the annual meeting this fall include four At-Large seats and seven Senate District seats for the following Senate districts:

District A          District D          District H          District L
District O         District Q         District T

Additionally, the Chair shall nominate for Board approval seven Chair Appointed seats.

Incumbents for the four At-Large seats are:
Portia Babcock, ConocoPhillips, Anchorage
James W. Mendenhall, P.E., NANA Development Corporation, Anchorage
Kris Norosz, Icicle Seafoods, Petersburg
Brian Wenzel, ConocoPhillips, Anchorage

Incumbents for the seven Senate District seats are:
District A          Renee Schofield, Tongass Substance Screening, Ketchikan
District D          Jeff Cook, Flint Hills Resources, North Pole
District H          Stan Hooley, Iditarod Trail Committee, Wasilla
District L          Caroline Higgins, Totem Ocean Trailer Express (TOTE), Anchorage
District O         Heidi Franklin, Pebble Limited Partnership, Anchorage
District Q         Lisa Parker, Parker Horn Company, Soldotna
District T          Brad Osborne, NANA Development Corporation, Anchorage

Changing the course of our future - WE can make a Difference

Ann Ringstad, Director, Community Advocacy with the University of Alaska Fairbanks and an Alaska State Chamber of Commerce Board member participated in the weeklong Washington Business Week program at PLU in June 2008 along with over 200 high school students, 26 company advisors and an army of dedicated interns and program directors.  As a company advisor, she experienced the program first-hand, and now encourages Alaska State Chamber members and businesses to consider participating in this rewarding program in Alaska.

Here is an excerpt from her story of that experience.
"Alaska consistently ranks at the bottom in educational performance indicators.  For every 50 ninth graders, 31 graduate from high school; 14 go to college; nine return for their sophomore year; and only three receive a degree within six years."
("Making Alaska More Competitive", Alaska Commission on Postsecondary Education report April 2008)

We rely on the efforts of the K-U system to address the needs and requirements of our students.  Yet these statistics reveal even more needs to be done.

So, what can WE do about it?  We have an expectation employees will be ready for the workforce; however, it is one not always met.  WE have a large stake in making sure our future employees are skilled and educated in the areas important to our particular sectors.

No kidding - WE can make a difference.

The missing piece, I contend, is the direct involvement of community leaders.  WE need to mentor our future leaders before they graduate from high school, before they are ready to enter the workforce, and before they take a different direction in life.  WE need to take an active role to encourage our youth, to help them discover their potential, their leadership capabilities, their passions, and their future, and then assist them to prepare accordingly.  It can only benefit all of us in the long run. 

This type of effort is already taking place.  Washington Business Week is a program of the Foundation for Private Enterprise Education, a non-profit 501 (c) (3) organization in Washington State.  It incorporates partnerships with high schools, students, higher education institutions, and businesses. Since 1976, over 48,000 high school students have participated in this worthwhile endeavor.  This program makes the connection between learning and real-life scenarios.  It allows students to 'try on' different career choices and requires the development of critical thinking skills, and building strong leadership characteristics.

Read the full story at our website or for more information visit the Washington Business Week program website, www.WBW.org.

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