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Corporate 100 Shines Again


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Congratulations to all the companies of the Corporate 100 this year for employing so many people in Alaska—89,329. That is a huge chunk of the Alaska workforce and close to 40 percent of estimated average monthly private employment. The diverse range of employers in the 2017 Corporate 100 gives readers an idea of the rich cross-section of companies operating in the state—there are many industries represented.

We’d like to salute the leadership of the Corporate 100 for staying the course of business in Alaska and continuing to fuel the economy. At a time when the economy is a little shaky and a lot of companies are in a wait and see holding pattern, the Corporate 100 are staying active in the pursuit of commerce and the promotion of business. Something we wish the Legislature would do.

These companies continue to play active roles in the communities they do business in with philanthropic efforts and scholarship awards as well as commercial enterprises. Many are actively pursuing diversification measures and growing the economy. Interesting to note is the business longevity of many of the Corporate 100 and the fact that so many of these companies started out as small family businesses. Some have become large family businesses and some have been sold to others but still operate with a family business mindset, keeping the mission, values, and culture of the founders.

We’ve highlighted four of the oldest companies on the list with company profiles: three started out as family businesses and two remain so; all three have grown and seen calendars in three centuries. With such longevity, it’s curious to know what their 22nd century plans might be.

Most probably don’t think long-range planning goes to the next century, but why not? It’s going to be here in another eighty-three years; that’s a lifetime for some. Start planning for it now; after you’ve read the April magazine.



This article first appeared in the April 2017 print edition of Alaska Business Monthly.

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