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April 2016

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Bambino’s Baby Food is Alaska Grown from Farm to Freezer

Dr. William Campbell watched Zoi Maroudas growing up working in her family’s Anchorage restaurant. These days, he’s watching with interest as she creates her own business out of giving baby food a nutritious and delicious makeover.

Wells Fargo

In Alaska’s mining camps, local traders and merchants often served as bankers by buying gold dust, offering credit and loans, and creating local currency. These merchant banks and unregulated private financial institutions opened and closed with alarming regularity.

When the Music Stops—Will the Seat Still Be Empty?

Without any doubt, the cases recently heard by the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) and scheduled to be heard this year are some of the most controversial and politically charged.

Good News Abounds for Alaska’s Clean-Burning Coal Industry

Usibelli Coal Mine (UCM) has provided affordable fuel to power plants in interior Alaska since 1943—more than seventy-three years and going strong! The future of UCM looks bright, as major consumers of coal in Interior Alaska are making sizable investments in modernizing and expanding facilities that rely on coal to produce electric power and space heating.

Alaska Mining Industry Outlook—2016

Some years back I heard Alaska Mining Hall of Famer Ernie Wolf say that a pessimist was an optimist with experience. Unfortunately, “experienced optimists” are in over-supply in the mining industry right now, both worldwide and here in Alaska, as the global mining industry enters its fifth consecutive year of depressed commodities prices, lackluster corporate financial performances, and a disinterested investment climate.

Lease Termination Tips for Commercial Tenants

Considering where the Alaska economy is headed with the price of oil, you may be faced with terminating your own commercial lease. This process can be accomplished and it doesn’t have to be a nightmare for commercial tenants, although you could face numerous roadblocks.

Maximizing the Value of Conferences to Communities

It is well recognized that conferences stimulate economic growth in communities, but how do communities ensure they are receiving the maximum value?

A Layoff? Don’t Let Your 401(k) Languish

A layoff can throw anyone into a tail spin. But after securing your immediate job-related needs, such as reinvigorating your network, dusting off your resume, and launching your job search, many employees wonder what to do about the 401(k) and other retirement accounts they have left at their former place of business.

Executive Summary

Welcome to Alaska Business Monthly’s revamped Corporate 100. For more than thirty years we’ve had the pleasure of honoring our Top 49ers, business that are at least 51 percent Alaskan-owned ranked by revenue; over the years we’ve “lost” companies as they’ve expanded beyond those qualifications, often demonstrating their value as they’re purchased by international companies or transition to have national or even international shareholders.

Alaska’s Fiscal Frontier Springs Forward

In March the Alaska Legislature passed a nearly $9 billion FY17 Operating Budget and reduced the deficit by less than half a billion dollars.
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