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April 2015

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The Alaska Club

Innovate. Motivate. Celebrate. Those three things are key to making the Alaska Club a success, and it’s a combination that has earned the company respect among those in its field.

Emerging Leaders and United Way

“Millennials” is a term loosely defined as those born between 1980 and the early 2000s. Not since the Baby Boomers—born between 1946 and 1964—has there been a demographic as large and with the potential to truly effect change in their community.

21st Century Conventions: What’s new?

When contemplating what comprises a convention in 2015, one would likely envision a large ballroom or mosaic of smaller meeting rooms, hustling attendees draped with lanyards, decorative tables and booths, myriad events, thoughtful presentations, scattered work sessions, and a large dining room where meals are hastily distributed from lunch to dinner.

How some corporate travelers are telecommuting

There was a time when air travel was the cat’s meow for business and professional connection.

It’s Best to Give—and to Receive

I have a twelve-year-old son who, the moment he earns his allowance, asks to go to the store to buy candy or some cheap plastic toy. I am teaching him—with varying degrees of success—about saving for big ticket items versus spending on quick consumable junk.

Alaska Grantmaking

Grantmaking by community foundations more than doubled, up 111% to over $6 million. However, overall giving to the state was down by $15 million. This decline is slightly skewed by reporting methods, which capture the total amount of multi-year gifts in the year of their award.

Northrim: The Little Bank that Could—and Did

This year, Northrim Bank is celebrating one of the most significant milestones in its remarkable history: a twenty-five-year anniversary.

The Boardroom’s Shared Space

When Katherine Jernstrom and Brit Szymoniak first met each other while taking a ten-month long leadership course in 2011, they realized that not only were they both dreamers and entrepreneurs at heart, but that they worked very well together.

John MacKinnon

Small models of bulldozers, excavators, backhoes, cement mixers, dump trucks, and other construction equipment line the windowsills of John MacKinnon’s office at Associated General Contractors (AGC) in Anchorage.

Arctic Council Chairmanship Passes to United States

Before this month is over this year’s session of the Alaska State Legislature will be over. Ten days into March I’m wondering how much our elected officials can possibly accomplish by April 19—so little has been done so far.
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