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Internationally Renowned Salumiere Francois Vecchio and Mat Valley Meats Owner Nate Burris Announce Week of Training and Public Presentation on the Art of Butchering and Salami Making


Master Salumiere Francois Vecchio

Photo Courtesy: Mat Valley Meats

Master Salumiere Francois Vecchio, author of the 2014 book “Charcutier. Salumiere. Wurstmeister” and with over 50 years in the international meat industry from farm to plate, will be teaching his sixth seminar in Alaska at Mat Valley Meats in Wasilla to nine Alaskan chefs from Monday March 31st through Saturday April 5th.

“This is an important seminar with Francois Vecchio. We invite Alaskan chefs and teach the art of whole-animal butchery,” said Mat Valley Meats owner Nate Burris. “The attendees learn cutting-edge facets of butchery to maximize yields and make superior, high value products,” added Burris. “Alaskans and tourists benefit from this training.”

“My course teaches the art of sausage making, curing, emulsifying, high quality salami production, pates, galantines, mousse, and pate,” said Vecchio. “It is an honor to return to Alaska and train eager chefs who seek to improve their skills and produce a better product for their patrons through European training and culinary history.”

The training week culminates with a four-course dinner at the Palmer Depot at 6:30 PM on Saturday. Reservations can be made by contacting Turkey Red Restaurant in Palmer at (907) 746-5544.

Mat Valley Meats has been owned and operated by Nate Burris since 2006. Burris specializes in old-fashioned salamis, sausages and dry-cured products.

 “This week of training and the Saturday dinner/event is focused on the sustainability of locally produced livestock and the world-class products that can come from them. There are huge possibilities available to Alaska. Mat-Valley Meats is proud to be part of the new fresh and local livestock culture,” said Burris.

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