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City Planning and Zoning Commission Approves Ship Creek Plan


The Municipality of Anchorage Planning and Zoning Commission unanimously approved the Ship Creek Framework Plan late Monday night, April 7th.

The Planning and Zoning Commission is responsible for developing, reviewing and recommending plans such as the Ship Creek Redevelopment Project to the Assembly and to implement the Municipal function of planning for the economic, social and land use needs of the community.

The Commission also reviews and recommends to the Assembly the location and design of public streets, dedicated parks and public facilities like those included in the redevelopment project.

“This is a visionary plan to transform Anchorage’s last undeveloped areas of land into a world class waterfront. As the consultants have noted, ‘Anchorage is a city on the water without a waterfront.’ I’m pleased about the concept work from KlingStubbins and about the decision from the P&Z Commission,” said Mayor Dan Sullivan.

“The next step for the Ship Creek Redevelopment Project is a visit to the Assembly, which is likely to happen sometime in May,” said Jerry Weaver, Director of Development  Services. 

For the KlingStubbins Ship Creek Redevelopment Concept Presentation see the link provided:


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