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Alaska’s Senators Disappointed with Eagleglen Closure


Alaska’s United States senators expressed disappointment with news from the Air Force today that one of Anchorage’s most popular golf courses, Eagleglen, will be closed for the 2014 golf season.

The news was delivered in a letter from Lt. General Russell Handy, Commander of the 11th Air Forces, and comes despite the combined efforts of Senators Lisa Murkowski and Mark Begich to prevent the closure. Over the past three months, the Murkowski and Begich offices convened meetings with community leaders, non-profit organizations, business representatives and golf enthusiasts in an attempt to find creative solutions to keep the course open. These alternatives, which would have allowed all three courses to remain open, were provided to JBER officials earlier this month.

The delegation had hoped that JBER officials could have given alternatives proposed by the community a chance to succeed allowing more time to come up with long term solutions.

“I am disappointed that Anchorage is losing a resource that is enjoyed by thousands of Alaskans each year,” said Senator Lisa Murkowski.  “However, I understand that steps needed to be taken to ensure that JBER can continue to provide programs that benefit the moral and readiness of our Servicemen and women and their families.”

“I fully sympathize with and agree that the Air Force’s first obligation is to its service members and families and it has been a challenge meeting those obligations while subsidizing Eagleglen,” said Senator Mark Begich. “I have been incredibly impressed with the support shown by Alaska’s golfing community and the innovative proposals offered to keep Eagleglen viable. I am disappointed the military couldn’t give those a chance to work, at least for this coming season.”

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