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Alaska set employment record in 2013


JUNEAU, Alaska — Comprehensive employment and wage data for the third quarter of 2013 have recently been released. Alaska employment peaked at 358,470 in August, the state’s highest monthly job count on record.

Third quarter employment is always the year’s highest due to Alaska’s seasonal economy. Average monthly employment during the third quarter of 2013 was 353,189, up 0.6 percent from the third quarter of 2012.

Employers paid $4.3 billion in wages, up 2.2 percent from the third quarter of 2012.

Private sector jobs were up 3,348 from the third quarter of 2012, partly due to the seafood processing industry adding more than 1,000 jobs to accommodate a large pink salmon harvest.

Other areas of growth included the health care and social assistance sector, which added more than 750 jobs from the third quarter of 2012.

Average monthly federal employment fell by 993 in the third quarter compared to the prior year. Local government jobs also declined in the same period, but the magnitude of the loss is overstated because school start dates vary from year to year.

For more on specific industries, boroughs or census areas, visit Labor.Alaska.Gov/research/qcew/qcew.htm.

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