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Young Statement on ConocoPhillips’ Decision to Delay Chukchi Exploration in 2014


WASHINGTON, D.C. - Alaskan Congressman Don Young released the following statement regarding ConocoPhillips decision to not move forward with its offshore exploration plans in the Chukchi Sea in 2014:

"It is unfortunate that ConocoPhillips will delay exploration in the Chukchi Sea next year.  While I am confident that ConocoPhillips can and will responsibly drill in the Arctic, today’s announcement really shines the spotlight on the endless amount of permitting, rules and regulations coming from the Obama Administration that continue to hamper the oil and gas industry, especially with regards to offshore exploration," Rep. Young said. 

"Uncertainty in any business can be detrimental, and in ConocoPhillips case, federal regulators going forward must provide some level of assurance for offshore exploration to occur in the Arctic so that we can continue to move the country closer toward true energy independence while also creating long lasting jobs for generations to come."

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