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Within the Wild Adventure Company’s lodges feature cooking school and sled dog camp


Originally a World War II troop carrier, then a crabbing boat, the Widgeon II has been repurposed into a cooking school. Located on a lagoon across from Tutka Bay Lodge, the boat was moored to shore during a high tide by the previous owner, who then built a two-story wooden structure onto the deck. With some added renovations by the Dixons, the Widgeon II is now a rustic outpost adapted for cooking classes, large enough for 12 guests. 

Southcentral Alaska - Winterlake Lodge and Tutka Bay Lodge, two upscale wilderness retreats in Southcentral Alaska, owned by 
Within the Wild Adventure Company, offer a variety of authentic adventures. Two of the newest guest experiences are a sled dog camp and cooking school.
Last summer, co-owner Carl Dixon built a sled dog camp on Trimble Glacier near Winterlake Lodge. Guests access the glacier camp via helicopter and can spend the day learning how to drive the Dixon’s team of sled dogs or trekking on the ice.
The finishing touches were also put on the Cooking School at Tutka Bay last summer. Run by Kirsten Dixon and Mandy Dixon, both Le Cordon Bleu-trained chefs, the school offers classes to lodge guests and the public each weekend. The mother-daughter team takes pride in the range of local ingredients used in their globally inspired menus and the uniqueness of their wilderness kitchen aboard a crabbing boat. 
Within The Wild Adventure Company is a partnership, between Carl and Kirsten Dixon and their daughters, Carly and Mandy. The Dixon family has lived in the backcountry of Southcentral Alaska since 1981. For more information, visit 

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