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The Energy Tax Bill, in Honor of Tax Week


National Taxpayers Union

Last week, millions of Americans across the country completed a time-honored, if bedeviled, tradition: submitting their taxes.  Among those millions of taxpayers?  The nation’s largest energy companies.

Energy companies pay an average tax rate of 41% – 15% higher than the average rate paid by other S&P Industrial Average companies.  Three of the nation’s top 10 taxpayers in the country are energy companies.  The total tax bill was some $95 billion in 2011 alone.  And while paying those taxes, these same companies employed 9.2 million workers and invested $36.3 billion in the United States alone.

And yet, President Obama and his allies in Congress are attempting to enact yet higher taxes on these American job-creators.  With one of the nation’s heaviest tax burdens already, doesn’t the energy industry enjoy a fair shake too?  Learn the facts.  It’s time to Stop The Tax Attack.

National Taxpayers Union

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