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Students vie to become Alaska Geographic Bee champion


Alaska students will compete in the National Geographic state-level Bee Friday, April 5 at the 
Egan Center in Anchorage. One hundred fourth- through eighth-graders from schools across the 
state will participate. The contestants have prequalified by winning their school's bee and 
passing a qualifying test.

The students face a wide variety of questions designed to test their geographic prowess, such 

“Which state has a climate suitable for growing citrus fruits, California or Maine?”

“The North Atlantic current brings warm waters from the tropics to the west coast of which 

“To visit the ruins of Persepolis, an ancient capital of Persia, you would have to travel to 
what present-day country?”

Preliminary rounds in the morning will determine the top 10 finalists, who then compete in the 
afternoon for first place. The winner will represent the state at the National Geographic Bee 
May 20-22 in Washington, D.C. The national winner receives a $25,000 college scholarship, 
lifetime membership in the National Geographic Society and a trip to the Galapagos Islands.

For additional information on the National Geographic Bee, please visit 

The geography program at the University of Alaska Fairbanks School of Natural Resources and 
Agricultural Sciences supports the Alaska bee.

ADDITIONAL CONTACT: Kristin Shea, Alaska Bee coordinator, ak.geographicbee@gmail.com, 
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