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Students honored for German language skills


Gold Award winners of the National German Exams given by the AATG.

PHOTO: Courtesy of ASD

The  Seventh Annual German Studies Awards Ceremony and Reception, sponsored
by the  Alaska Chapter of the American Association of Teachers of German
(AATG), was  held April 11 at East High School. The event recognized middle,
high and  university students in Alaska who have achieved excellence in
their German  studies. ASD Assistant Superintendent Darla Jones welcomed
students to the  event; Martin Buser, four-time Iditarod champion, spoke to
students about his  experience of immigrating to the United States from
Switzerland and his  experiences learning five languages including English.
Also present were  Anchorage School Board member Tam Agosti-Gisler and ASD
World Languages  Curriculum Coordinator Janice Gullickson. The majority of
the students honored  at this event were current ASD students or recent

Matthew  Spence was honored as the recipient of the German Teaching Intern
of the Year  award.   Matt is finishing up a masters degree in UAA's MAT
program.  As part of his work towards his Master's degree, Matt spent a
rigorous year working in East High's German department.  There he
distinguished himself as a teaching intern of exceptional talents and great

Ioana Lobontiu received the German Learning  Opportunities Website
(GLOW) award given to an outstanding German student in  each chapter of the

Connor Spencer received the Langenscheidt award,  recognizing an outstanding
German student in German in each chapter of the  AATG. The Langenscheidt
publishing company sponsors this award, and Connor  received a
German-English dictionary along with a certificate of  achievement.  

Jennifer Doerry of Eagle River High School received  the Duden Teacher
Award, granted each year to a teacher in each AATG chapter  for excellence
in the instruction of German. 

UAA Outstanding German Student of the year:
UAA: Tom Honer

Outstanding German Students of the Year:
Bartlett High School: Raydon Duncan
Chugiak High School:  Matthew Newkirk
Dimond High School:  Sterling Emmal and Gavin Davis
Eagle River High School:  Hannah Gershel
East High School: Xinyue  Derman
Service High School: Kira  Davis-Weber
South High School: Lida  Zakurdaew
West High School:   Anna Clink

Outstanding Middle School German Student of the  Year:
Hanshew Middle School: Kelcey Bloss
Northern Lights ABC  School: Alyanna Medina

Rilke Schule Outstanding German Students of the  Year:
Wilhelm Anderson, Michael Weese, Carolyn Tyson Guess, Canyon Jabaay, Sophia
Hess, Roos  Helgesen, Gwen Cooper, Cecilie Arroyo

The  Alaska Chapter of AATG honored high school students who scored
competitively on  the National German Exams given by the AATG. The exams are
designed for Levels  2, 3, and 4 and approximately 23,000 students in the
USA took the exams this  year. Students scoring in the 70th percentiles
nationwide received  bronze awards, those in the 80th percentiles received
silver awards  and those scoring in the 90th percentiles received gold

Gold  Awards:
Chugiak  High School: Aileen Page, Dane Breitung, Connor Spencer, Shane
Hall, Levente  Roka and Jackson Page
Eagle  River High School: Daniel Prior and Hannah Gershel
East  High School: Mary Burr   
Service  High School: Jonnie Dolan and John Anebom
South  High School: Hayden Arend, Makenna Bond, Annika Flynn, David Biegle,
Mitchel  Ireland, Lida Zakurdaew and Madison O'Scannell
West  High School: Ioana Lobontiu and Liam Mitchell 

Silver  Awards:
Dimond  High School: Kendal Williams
Eagle  River High School: Nicholas Roth
East  High School: Alice Prentice, Collette Kawagley and Jason Scott
Service High School: Emily  Dreher, Molly Brockway and Rebekah Padgett
Victoria Cooper, Elaina  Jewett, Kala Paarce, Lukas Vodak and  Jaena
South High School: Melanie  Bartenstein,  Samantha Reyna Gonzalez, Madison
Webster and  Erik Oder
West High School: Abagail  Khachadoorian, Eva Lincke and Madelyn Boslough

Bronze  Awards:
Bartlett High School:  Heather Lindsey
Chugiak  High School: Syndey Medders, Sarah Rackley, Ashleigh Bransky and
Sarah  Haynes
Eagle  River High School: Alaina Demma, Dylan Denter, Annaliese Sorvoja,
Michael Prado and Kevin Sutton
East  High School: Neal Koeneman and Hallie Moore
Service  High School: Caleb Vanblankenstein, Alexis Dym, Patrick Grieco,
Sarah Amundsen, Noah Dean and Ava Metzger
South High School:  Danielle Depaepe, Amanda Lundgren, Patrick Nowka and
Tyler Kirn
West High School: Sarah  Powell

The  National German Exam of the AATG is designed for students enrolled in a
traditional high school German language program from grades 9 to 12.  Also
noteworthy were results from students at Rilke Schule, an ASD German
immersion  school for grades K-8. A group of Rilke students took the Level
III and IV  exam, and these young learners showed the power of early
learning in second  language acquisition via their outstanding scores in the
70th, 80th,  and 90th percentiles.  The Alaska Chapter of AATG would like to

Anja  Lincke, Rooslan Helgesen Thomson, Hunter Eid, Mikaela Maroney,
Gabriella Efird,  Cecilie Arroyo and Gwendolyn Cooper

Morgen  Khachadoorian, Milana Stalder and Timo Schaetze
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