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On to Construction! Builder Selected for Raven's Roost Cohousing Project


Ravens' Roost Cohousing

Builder Selected! 

More members needed to begin construction this summer

During the past year, a small group of people bought a beautiful parcel of land; formed Ravens’ Roost Cohousing LLC; hired a team of architects, engineers and lawyers; designed a site plan; and secured city approval.  We are excited to announce that we’ve selected Criterion General Contracting as our builder and are preparing to start construction this summer. 
Before we can begin construction, though, members of Ravens Roost must meet our biggest challenge: persuading those of you who have been following from the sidelines, thinking “it’s a great idea, but...” to join us now.  All the other pieces are in place.  Moving ahead now depends on more members.  
Help us show that Anchorage IS ready for new options in housing.  
Advantages of joining now include:
- A Discount on your home. From now until mid-July, 15% of the amount you put toward your down payment is subtracted from the price of your home.  For example, for every $10,000 you put in, you get $1500 (15%) off the price of your home. 
- Establish your seniority for home selection.   The date of membership establishes the order of unit selection, so earlier members have the best choice. 
- Pay less for upgrades and options on your home – they will be more costly after construction.
- A voice in developing agreements for the neighborhood on pet policy, common house use, landscape design, etc.
If you would like to live in a more fun, sustainable way, in a more connected and interactive neighborhood, call either Terri Pauls at 345-6152 or Mary Miner at 632-4763.  Ravens’ Roost needs an additional 11 households by the end of May to proceed with construction this summer.   
"One of the great dynamics of money is that it grounds us, and when we put money behind our commitments it grounds them, too, making them real in the world. We can wish for better schools, a clean environment, and world peace; we can even volunteer, but when we also put our money behind those intentions, we become really serious about them. Money is a great translator of intention to reality, vision to fulfillment."  From The Soul of Money by Lynn Twist

Potluck Dinner this Sunday!

6:00 - 7:30 p.m. at Anchorage Unitarian Fellowship, 3401 Turnagain St.

Come get to know us in a casual atmosphere.  Enjoy delicious food, good conversation, meet others interested in cohousing, and ask any questions about Ravens' Roost to the members themselves.  It's always a lot of fun!

For many more details on Ravens' Roost Cohousing, visit our web site:

Below: The large kitchen in the Common House at Bellingham Cohousing:


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