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NumbersUSA TV Ad Asks If Senator Begich Will Put Jobless Alaskans First Or Import Foreign Labor


 Senator Begich Considering Trading Support Of Gang Of Eight Amnesty For Ability To Bring In More Foreign Workers To Take Alaska Jobs 

ANCHORAGE, Alaska, April 3, 2013 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- NumbersUSA, one of the largest member-based issue advocacy groups in America, launched TV and Radio ads this week in Anchorage, Alaska.  The ads ask who in Alaska thinks Senator Mark Begich's push to bring in more foreign workers to take Alaska jobs is a good idea.  The answer to the ad's question is obvious to Alaskans: "Not me."

The ads are launching as Senator Begich has publicly declared he'd consider supporting the Senate's Gang of Eight immigration amnesty proposal, if the amnesty  proposal includes more J-1 visas so he can bring more foreign workers to Alaska to take jobs.  Begich is pushing for more foreign workers despite thousands of Alaskans still unemployed or underemployed.  But he has not yet endorsed the Gang of Eight's amnesty proposal, so it's critical that he hear from Alaskans who oppose it before he takes an official stance.

The Senate Gang of Eight plan is similar to the 2007 proposal that was soundly rejected by Americans across the country, including in Alaska.   The 2013 plan would admit millions of additional foreign job seekers to compete for American jobs, enable millions who are currently not citizens to get on taxpayer funded welfare and entitlement programs and reward millions of illegal aliens with amnesty.  

"There are certain moments in a politician's life when we find out what they really stand for.  This is one of those moments for Senator Begich," commented Roy Beck, President of NumbersUSA.   "Will Senator Begich stand for jobless Alaskans or will he stand for corporate interests who want to bring in more cheap, foreign labor so they can widen profit margins.  We're hopeful Senator Begich will stand on the side of Alaskan workers."         

NumbersUSA is non-profit and non-partisan.  To learn more visit www.NumbersUSA.com. To view the TV commercial, click on the link https://www.SayNoToAmnesty.com.


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