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IFA Assures Traveling Public of Continued Service


IFA Determining the Effects of No Funding from Alaska Legislature for FY2014

Hollis, Alaska – April 18, 2013 At the close of the Alaska Legislative session funding for the Inter-island Ferry Authority (IFA) was not included in State budgets passed by lawmakers. The IFA provides daily passenger/vehicle ferry service between Prince of Wales Island and Ketchikan. The operation is able to cover 75% of its annual 4 million dollar budget through ticket sales but must rely on State and Federal funding for the remaining 25%. Absence of any level of funding from the State presents a significant financial challenge to IFA management and Board of Directors. Full effort is now being directed toward seeking alternative funding sources and determining what other options are available to this small ferry system that started out as a new idea eleven years ago and has grown into a model for reliable and efficient delivery of public transportation service in rural Alaska.

IFA General Manager, Dennis Watson assures the public that every feasible avenue is being explored to maintain the current level of service. “We are diligently working to determine options available to IFA at this time” he stated. “We face some difficult decisions over the next few months but I want to assure our users there will be plenty of notice if those decisions require any significant change to our current operations.” Watson further commented that increases to IFA tariffs are not being considered at this time.

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