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First Concrete Delivery for Matanuska Electric Association’s Eklutna Generation Station Power Block Building Foundation


First concrete delivered.

PHOTO: Courtesy of Matanuska Electric Association

Construction of Matanuska Electric Association’s Eklutna Generation Station continues moving
forward on schedule and on budget, with the first concrete truck for construction of the power block
building base mat foundation arriving on-site on Tuesday April 2. The power block building will
house the engines, generators, and support equipment for the $265 million generation facility. The
480 feet by 130 feet foundation, ranging in depth from two to four feet, is on schedule for completion
by the end of April.
In all, more than 500 truckloads will be needed to supply the approximately 6,000 cubic yards of
concrete necessary to support the massive engines at the heart of the Eklutna Generation Station.
Klondike Concrete in Chugiak is supplying all concrete. In addition to the concrete, the Power Block
foundations will contain nearly 1.5 million pounds of steel rebar, to further reinforce the structure.
This latest development at EGS is an important step as MEA moves toward completion of the stateof-
the-art dual fuel power plant. When operational on January 1, 2015, EGS will produce 170
megawatts of power for the customers of Alaska’s oldest and second-largest electrical utility. The
plant will be operated primarily on natural gas, but in case of interruption to the gas supply, the
advanced Wärtsilä dual-fuel technology enables the engines to switch smoothly while operating to an
alternative fuel, in this case diesel. “In the event of a natural disaster such as an earthquake, these
engines can switch fuels without a hiccup,” states MEA General Manager Joe Griffith.
Matanuska Electric Association will release additional details as the construction process progresses.

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