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DOT&PF to Report Findings of Glenn and Richardson Highways Speed Limit Review


Monday, April 1, 2013, Juneau, Alaska – Representative Eric Feige, R-Chickaloon, today passed along news to District 6 residents and all Southcentral Alaska drivers noticing the Alaska Department of Transportation & Public Facilities’ speed limit review for the Glenn and Richardson Highways his office requested.

“I have worked with DOT for the past year and a half to review the speed limit on the Glenn and Richardson Highways in order to change the posted speed limits to benefit the traveling public and business users,” Feige said. “I’m happy to report we have moved ahead and we are now at the public comment stage, with hearings slated in April for Glennallen, Palmer, Eureka, and Sutton-Alpine.”

Upgrades on the Glenn Highway between Hicks Creek (milepost 92) and Glennallen have improved the highway condition and eliminated many obstacles that originally required a 55 mph speed limit. “Over the past three years, I traveled the highway many times and asked why the speed limit was 55 mph when others similar roads have a 65 mph limit,” Feige said. “At the request of several constituents, I asked DOT&PF to review the speed limit. I asked them to also review the Richardson highway between Valdez and Delta Junction.”

At Feige’s request, DOT&PF issued a request for proposals to review the speed limit on the Glenn Highway between Palmer and Glennallen. “The Department conducted a preliminary review of the speed vehicles actually travel on the highway and informed my office that it appears the current road design will support the increased speed limit safely,” Feige said. “It takes more than just changing the speed limit signs to do it right. Each curve and passing zone has to be evaluated to see if the lane markings and signs need to be changed. Approaches to the road at intersections and driveways have to be evaluated to see if additional warning signs are needed.”

Major improvements on the Glenn Highway near Moose Creek Canyon and Long Lake are planned, as well as the addition of a turn lane on the Richardson Highway in Valdez at the access to the container terminal, and major upgrades to the highway in Glennallen along with several bridge projects, including the Jarvis Creek Bridge in Delta Junction. “It will still take the Department a couple of months to complete the speed limit work and some of the major projects along the Glenn are still several years off, but I will continue to work for improvements to our highways,” Feige, who sits on the House Transportation Committee, said.

“I’m committed to improving the condition of our roads that will facilitate a reduction in travel time between destinations,” Feige said. “Reducing the travel time and making the roads safer will make trips more enjoyable for both residents and tourists visiting our state. It will also improve commerce by decreasing the amount of time it takes trucks to travel the route.

“Obviously weather conditions will reduce travel time in adverse conditions, but when the road is dry and the road conditions warrant, an increase in the speed limit is prudent,” Feige said.

Learn more about the project at http://glennhwyspeedstudy.com/index.html

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