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This Week at EIA - 04/05/2012


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(03/29/2012 - 04/05/2012)

A summary and links for every U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) product released this week.


Gasoline and Diesel Fuel Update (4/2/2012)
Presents average weekly retail on-highway diesel fuel prices for the U.S., 8 regions, and the State of California and average weekly retail gasoline prices at the national and regional levels, and for selected cities and States.

The Coal News and Markets Report for week ended 3/30/2012 (4/2/2012)
Contains information for the week and spot prices:

This Week in Petroleum (4/4/2012)
Provides analysis, data, and charts of the latest weekly petroleum supply and price data.

Weekly Petroleum Status Report, Data for Week Ending 3/30/2012 (4/4/2012)
Contains timely information on supply and selected prices of crude oil and principal petroleum products in the context of historical data and forecasts.

Weekly Natural Gas Storage Report (4/5/2012)
Contains weekly estimates of natural gas in underground storage for the United States and three regions of the United States.

Natural Gas Weekly Update (4/5/2012)
Contains weekly updates of natural gas market prices, latest storage level estimates, recent lower 48 NOAA weather data, and other market activity or events.

Coal Production for Week Ended 3/31/2012 (4/5/2012)
Contains an overview of U.S. weekly coal production.


Spot crude prices near 12-month high; natural gas and power prices near 12-month low (04/05/2012)
Key wholesale energy price benchmarks for crude oil, natural gas, and electric power reflect contrasting trends over the past year. International events have contributed to higher wholesale crude oil prices, whereas high levels of domestic natural gas production coupled with mild weather and record storage inventories have lowered wholesale natural gas prices. Because natural gas remains the marginal fuel in most electric power markets and because low heating and cooling demand in recent weeks have reduced electricity demand, electric power prices remain low as well. The figures above compare recent weekly price ranges (for March 29, 2012 - April 4, 2012) to the range of wholesale prices during the past year.

Wholesale Market Data (04/05/2012)
Spreadsheets contain peak prices, volumes, and the number of transactions at ten electricity trading hubs covering most regions of the United States. Data from ICE (IntercontinentalExchange) through March 30, 2012.

Cushing crude oil inventories rising in 2012 (04/04/2012)
Crude oil inventories at the Cushing, Oklahoma storage hub, the delivery point for the NYMEX light-sweet crude oil futures contract, have risen by 12.0 million barrels (43%) between January 13, 2012 and March 30, 2012. This was the largest increase in inventories over an 11-week period since 2009. The inventory builds can be partly attributed to the emptying of the Seaway Pipeline, which ran from the Houston area to Cushing, in advance of its reversal. While Cushing inventories are now approaching the record levels of 2011, the amount of available storage capacity at Cushing is much greater now than it was a year ago, relieving some of the pressure on demand for incremental storage capacity.

Both State and Federal governments have appliance efficiency standards (04/03/2012)
Most consumers are aware of Federal appliance efficiency standards for equipment such as refrigerators, furnaces, and air conditioners. Yet States can have efficiency standards, too. Fourteen States have passed legislation setting efficiency standards for a variety of residential and commercial products beyond those already covered at the Federal level (see chart below).

Daily natural gas and power price differences in Mid-Atlantic region reflect constraints (04/02/2012)
Geographic price differences for U.S. natural gas and electricity prices can reflect transportation and/or transmission constraints between regional markets. A brief period of cold weather around January 4, 2012 drove increases in the price of natural gas and electricity across the East Coast. However, spot natural gas and power prices in western Pennsylvania were relatively unchanged (see map).

Petroleum Supply Monthly (04/02/2012)
Supply and disposition of crude oil and petroleum products on a national and regional level. The data series describe production, imports and exports, movements and inventories.

Changes to Table 26. "Production of Crude Oil by PAD District and State":
Revised State-level estimates from January 2010 to December 2011 are now reported in the Petroleum Navigator. State estimates will be revised monthly going back as far as the last published Petroleum Supply Annual. Once a year with the release of the Petroleum Supply Annual, EIA will revise up to 10 years of historical production estimates in the Petroleum Navigator. Current State-level estimates are now included in Table 26, in addition to current U.S. and PAD District sums. State offshore production for Louisiana, Texas, Alaska, and California, which are included in the State totals, are no longer reported separately in a "State Offshore Production" category. Previously, State-level values lagged 2 months behind the U.S. and PAD District values. Beginning with the February publication, they were on the same cycle. The adjustments lines that balanced the PAD District and Alaska totals with State-level and, for Alaska, sub-State-level values are no longer needed because all of the values are on the same cycle. This is in contrast to the prior practice of releasing the State-level and sub_State-level values two month after the PAD District and Alaska values.

Petroleum Marketing Monthly (04/02/2012)
Monthly sales data for January 2012 show small to moderate changes in crude oil prices, while refiner prices for many finished petroleum products experienced firm increases from December levels. With the exception of gasoline, data covering Prime Supplier sales of petroleum products sold for local consumption show increased sales of the major refined products at the aggregate U.S. level.

Company Level Imports (04/02/2012)
Imports data at the company level collected from the EIA-814 Monthly Imports Report.

State Energy Data System: Natural Gas Through 2010 (03/30/2012)
Annual State-level estimates of consumption, prices, and expenditures for natural gas.

New technology can improve electric power system efficiency and reliability (03/30/2012)
The term "smart grid" covers a range of devices and systems that leverage recent advances in digital technology and communications to improve the efficiency, performance, and reliability of the existing electric power system infrastructure. Phasor measurement units, or PMUs, are a new "smart" technology being deployed throughout North America, monitoring what happens on the electric power system.

EIA projects lower coal use by U.S. power sector in 2012 (03/29/2012)
Coal consumption by the U.S. electric power sector in 2012 is expected to fall below 900 million short tons for the first time since 1996 as the electric industry increased its use of natural gas for power generation, EIA projected in its March Short-Term Energy Outlook.

Monthly Natural Gas Gross Production Report (03/29/2012)
Monthly natural gas gross withdrawals estimated from data collected on Form EIA-914 (Monthly Natural Gas Production Report) for Federal Offshore Gulf of Mexico, Texas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas, Wyoming, Other States and Lower 48 States. Alaska data are from the State of Alaska and included to obtain a U.S. Total.


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