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The challenges of distributing North Slope gas to Alaskans


Alaska Natural Gas Transportation Projects
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The challenges of distributing North Slope gas to Alaskans

A large-volume North Slope natural gas pipeline could supply gas to Alaskans for decades, but delivery would come with an upfront cost of over a billion dollars.

A variety of studies in recent years suggest it would be possible to deliver gas from a large pipeline to the state's population center in Anchorage and surrounding areas for about the price consumers there now pay for gas – possibly less.

It also suggests that many Fairbanks residents in the state's Interior might see their cost of heating and electricity fall – possibly a lot.

For the vast but sparsely populated rural Alaska – whether far from a major North Slope gas pipeline corridor or even along the route – the price of natural gas or propane extracted from the gas could be too high to win customers without state help in covering construction costs.

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