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State hosts April 16-27 sale of Alaska Native Grass, Grain and Flower Seeds


The Alaska Plant Materials Center (PMC) will soon open its annual request period for “foundation” and “selected class release” germplasm of seeds of grass, grain, and flowers (forbs). The sale runs from April 16–27, 2012. At that time, the lists of the available seed lots – including quantities, varieties, and prices – will be posted on the Division of Agriculture and PMC web pages (http://dnr.alaska.gov/ag/ and http://plants.alaska.gov). The seed will be available for pickup after the seed sale ends at the PMC, located at 5310 South Bodenburg Spur in the Butte area of Palmer.

The PMC produces “foundation and pre-certified” classes of seed, which in turn are sold to commercial growers. The growers then produce “certified seed” which eventually is sold to farmers, landscape companies, revegetation contractors, or construction companies. A ready market exists for those willing to take the time now to plant for the future. 

Demand can exceed the available supply of seeds. If this occurs, the Allocation Committee will determine the allocation. The committee consists of the Division of Agriculture Director and representatives from the University of Alaska, Agriculture and Forestry Experiment Station, the Alaska Seed Growers Association, and the PMC.

This seed is for commercial growers only.  For smaller amounts of seed, please contact businesses listed on the “Native Plant Source Directory”, http://plants.alaska.gov/native/index.php. Grains can be ordered in 100-pound units and grasses and flowers (forbs) are sold in one-pound units.

To order seed, fill out the online order form at http://plants.alaska.gov, contact Peggy Hunt at 745-8721 or peggy.hunt@alaska.gov, or fax a request to 746-1568. Orders must be placed by April 27. After that date, seeds are distributed according to the available seed and the number of orders requesting the same lot. Payment and pickup of seeds is expected within two weeks of notification.

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