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Spend your lunch break at Cyrano's April 19


Cyrano's is hosting a special book-signing event on Thursday, 19 April from 11:00a-1:00p.

Howard Weaver, journalist par excellence and former editor of the Anchorage Daily News, will be talking about and signing his new book, Write Hard, Die Free: Dispatches from the Battlefields and Barrooms of the Great Alaska Newspaper War.

Here's a bit more from the press release about Howard and his new book:
Howard Weaver advanced from foot soldier to field marshal in the Alaska Newspaper War, but he never left the fight.  He spent time with small-town hoodlums and big-time politicians, crossed swords with Big Oil and Big Labor, and edited the Anchorage Daily News to the most unlikely David and Goliath upset in American journalism history and helped his newspaper win two Pulitzer Prizes along the way.  Weaver cared passionately and fought fiercely in every political struggle of his era, from oil development to Native sovereignty, from park land designations to environmental activism.  The Anchorage Daily News pulled no punches in telling Alaska's story, and Weaver has pulled none in this account of a fierce, take-no-prisoners battle to the death between his newspaper and the Anchorage Times.

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