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SeaSpace sign exclusive software licensing agreement


Fairbanks, Alaska— The University of Alaska Fairbanks has signed its first major commercial licensing agreement.

The agreement gives California-based SeaSpace exclusive use of SwathViewer, a piece of software developed at UAF Geographic Information Network of Alaska by Dan Stahlke.

Built for speed and efficient use of bandwidth, SwathViewer provides easy access and manipulation of global imagery and mapping data. The software enables users to rapidly zoom, pan, and layer multiple images and mapping data together without installing additional software. The software implements a powerful and lightweight user interface that can run inside a browser with minimal network load requirements. Stahlke began development of the software in 2006.

SeaSpace is a global leader in remote sensing and provides remote sensing solutions to a variety of users, ranging from research to military to emergency response. The company will incorporate SwathViewer into their software applications, increasing the value of their current product line and making the technology available to clients worldwide.

UAF’s Office of Intellectual Property and Commercialization negotiated the contract, which is an important milestone for the university. The office has been developing guidelines for commercializing UAF inventions and has seen a sharp rise in the number of invention disclosures submitted in the new fiscal year.

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