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Saturday, April 7 – 82nd legislative day - Recap of Events for Friday, April 6, 2012


H Floor Session: The House passed HB 343, Disclosure of Children’s Records, and SB 127, Fetal Alcohol Disorders Awareness Day.

H FIN Subcommittee – SB 23: The committee continued a work session on the costs and benefits of SB 23, Film Production Tax Credits/Audits.

H Finance: HB 276, Oil/Gas Production Tax Credits: Nenana, was moved from committee.

H Judiciary: HB 269, Common Interest Communities, and SB 151, Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder as a Mitigator, were moved from committee.

H Resources: HB 328, Oil and Gas Corporate Taxes, was heard and held.

H Conference Committee – HB 284 & HB 285: The House and Senate members met to establish co-chairs of the conference committee and established procedures for the committee. A letter requesting limited powers of free conference was sent to the presiding officers of both bodies.

H Labor & Commerce: The committee held confirmation hearings for the State Board of Registration for Architects, Engineers and Land Surveyors; Board of Marine Pilots; Board of Certified Direct-Entry Midwives; Alaska Workers' Compensation Board; and, the Regulatory Commission of Alaska. All names were forwarded to the Joint Session. HB 326, Child-Only Health Care Coverage, was heard and held.

Daily  House Committee Calendar

*Under Uniform Rule 23(d), the Legislature is now in the 24-hour rule. Schedules and bills being heard may change, please check BASIS for updated information*

Victims Advocate Selection Cmte-9:00 AM, Butrovich 205

Executive Session – Advocate Selection

Finance-2:00 PM, House Finance 519

-Bills Previously Heard-

Schedule for Monday, April 9, 2012

Education-8:00 AM, Capitol 106

SB 83 Teacher Board Certification Incentives

Presentation: Craig School District Superintendent

-Bills Previously Heard-


FIN Subcommittee – SB 23-8:00 AM, House Finance 519

SB 23 Film Production Tax Credits/Audits

Work Session


Judiciary-1:00 PM, Capitol 120

HJR 40 RS 2477 Rights-of-Way

-Bills Previously Heard-


Resources-1:00 PM, Barnes 124

HB 295 Closing Certain Land to Mineral Entry

SB 91 Sport Fishing Guiding Services

HB 328 Oil & Gas Corporate Taxes

SB 192 Oil & gas Production Tax Rates <Pending Referral>

-Bills Previously Heard-





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