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Public Notice-- DOT & PF Central Region Weight Restrictions March 30, 2012


Weight restrictions are stated as a percentage of legal allowable weight and shall be applied to the maximum axle loading of 17 AAC 25.013(e).

Changes and additions to the weight restrictions are usually in bold type, but weight restriction changes are in effect whether in bold or regular text.

Effective  Monday April 2, 2012  The following State maintained roads are restricted to the following:

All State maintained roads in Ketchikan are raised to Regular Summertime Permitting.

Additional restrictions and modifications will be imposed as necessary.

Weight restrictions will only be posted on the DOT&PF Division of Measurement, Standards, and Commercial Vehicle Enforcement webpage.  This can be found at: http://www.dot.alaska.gov/mscve, and click on “Weight Restrictions” and open the most recent Central Region listing. 

The Department of Public Safety and the DOT/PF Division of Measurement and Standards and Commercial Vehicle Enforcement will be enforcing these restrictions.

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