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Petroleum Supply Monthly 4.2.2012


The March Petroleum Supply Monthly with January data has been released to the EIA website on Monday, April 2, 2012.

Beginning with the release of January 2012 data on April 2, revised crude oil production and related data for U.S., Region, and State-level estimates from January 2010 to December 2011 will be reported in the Petroleum Navigator (e.g., Crude Oil Production).  These estimates will be revised monthly going back as far as the last published Petroleum Supply Annual (currently 2010).  Once a year, with the release of the Petroleum Supply Annual, EIA may revise up to 10 years of historical crude oil production estimates.  These revisions will only be available in the Petroleum Navigator.  Current State-level estimates are now included in Table 26, in addition to current U.S. and PAD District sums.

State offshore production for Louisiana, Texas, Alaska, and California, which have always been included in the State totals, will no longer be reported separately. Previously, State-level values lagged 2 months behind the U.S. and PAD District values. Beginning with the February publication, which contained December 2011 values, they were placed into the same cycle as the other Petroleum Supply data.

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