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Pebble Fund Awards $540,835 to Southwest Alaska Organizations


ANCHORAGE – Seventeen nonprofit organizations, schools and villages serving Southwest Alaska have been awarded grants totaling $540,835 from the Pebble Fund, a charitable fund established by the Pebble Partnership at the Alaska Community Foundation.

An independent advisory board of leaders from the Bristol Bay region considered grant applications that further the fund’s mission to promote and enhance sustainable and healthy communities and renewable resources in the region. Applications were received for four
categories: energy, education, community and economic development, and renewable resources/fish.

Projects funded by the Spring 2012 grant cycle include: the purchase of a safe and reliable fuel truck, a presentation on youth homelessness and human trafficking to students in the Lake and Peninsula Borough School District, and funding for a new x-ray machine. A complete list of the awards is attached below and also available at www.alaskacf.org.

The Pebble Fund has awarded more than $4 million dollars in grant funds to date and has helped leverage more than $13.5 million in matching and in-kind support. The Pebble Fund at The Alaska Community Foundation is part of a five year, $5 million commitment by The Pebble Partnership to support sustainable development projects in Southwest Alaska. The Fall 2012 grant applications are due electronically September 1, 2012.

Established in 1995, The Alaska Community Foundation grants approximately $5 million a year to charitable projects and nonprofit organizations across the state. ACF is comprised of more than 280 component funds and endowments, including the Seward Community Foundation, the Alaska Disaster Recovery Fund, the Anchorage Schools Foundation, the Alaska Children’s Trust and many others. ACF’s mission is to grow philanthropy and connect people who care with causes that matter. The foundation helps individuals, organizations and communities create funds that – like the Alaska Permanent Fund – provide financial resources to improve the quality of life in Alaska now and forever. For more information visit www.alaskacf.org or call 907-334-6700.

Pebble Fund Grant Awards
April 2012

Togiak Moravian Church: Togiak Moravian Church Project
Communities Served: Togiak and surrounding communities

Grant purpose: This community and economic development grant supports the Togiak Moravian Church’s goal to have a new community church building. This building will enhance the well being of area residents through the replacement of the aging church building with an
appropriate community venue. The church building will host denominational festivities and provide a community location for secular events. Volunteers from the Samaritans Purse and the community will construct the building.

City of Nondalton: 3rd Road Extension-Construction
Communities Served: Nondalton

Grant purpose: The design and permitting requirements are complete and in place for this community and economic development project, and construction will commence in the fall of 2012. The new road will provide the community with alternative access to the airport and benefit community members and the local Emergency Medical Services. This project will ensure year round access to the airport for routine business and in the event of an emergency.

Bristol Bay Borough: Naknek Sewer Line Relocation off the Beach
Communities Served: Naknek, South Naknek, King Salmon.

Grant purpose: The State Division of Homeland Security performed a vulnerability and hazard analysis in 2009 and determined that the sewage line located on the beach in Naknek was the most vulnerable infrastructure that could be damaged by a severe storm with associated beach erosion. A line breach could potentially shut down the community and the fishing industry. The Bristol Bay Borough was awarded funds to support the feasibility study and design for a project that will replace and relocate a 4,750 foot section of Naknek force main sewer line and one pump station further inland away from beach erosion.

City of Pilot Point: Pilot Point Utility Metering System Upgrade
Communities Served: Pilot Point

Grant purpose: The City of Pilot Point was awarded a community and economic development grant to install an AMPY Pay-As-You-Go Metering System for all electrical power customers located in Pilot Point, Alaska. This new pre-pay metering system features instant feedback to the consumer, which is anticipated to lead to substantial power savings and ultimately a large drop in the amount of diesel necessary to operate the power production plant. The goal of this project is to provide the utility customers in Pilot Point with a modern metering system that enables them to pre-pay for their electricity.

Camai Community Health Center: X-Ray Machine
Communities Served: King Salmon, Naknek and South Naknek

Grant purpose: The Camai Community Health Center provides the highest level of medical care in the Bristol Bay Borough, and has the only x-ray services in the area. The community and economic development project will support the purchase of a new x-ray machine to replace the current 18 year old machine. The goal of the project is to have the new x-ray machine in place by October 31, 2012.

South Naknek Village Council: Water and Sewer Equipment Upgrade Project
Communities Served: Native Village of South Naknek

Grant purpose: The goal of this community and economic development project is to upgrade the existing water and sewer service truck with a modern, fuel efficient vehicle that can perform in a safe and reliable manner as needed around the village system. The addition of a 4-wheeler will ensure access to areas and locations not accessible by truck to complete proper maintenance and repairs.

Lake and Peninsula School District: LPSD Cultural Initiative Program
Communities Served: Chignik Bay, Chignik Lagoon, Chignik Lake, Egegik, Igiugig, Iliamna, Kokhanok, Levelock, Newhalen, Nondalton, Perryville, Pilot Point, Port Alsworth, Port Heiden

Grant purpose: The goal of this grant award is to broaden the quality experiential learning of Lake and Peninsula School District's students. This education grant supports students in all thirteen district schools who are encouraged to work with their teachers on the development and implementation of a cultural initiative project. The goals are for students in each school to develop, plan, and implement a cultural project for their school that is aligned with curricular standards, and encourages students to be more engaged in their educational career.

Togiak Public Library & Cultural Center: New Books 2012
Communities Served: Togiak, Twin Hills, Platinum

Grant purpose: This education project will purchase new books to add to the Togiak Public Library collection. The goal is to expand the book collection, with a specific focus on requested books from library patrons in the area of legal services, technical manuals, drug and alcohol resources, and Alaska cultural books.

Dillingham City Schools: Travel for 2012 Band Festival
Communities Served: Dillingham, Bethel, Kotzebue, Nome, King Cove, Unalakleet, Tuntutuliak

Grant purpose: The annual Region 1 Music Festival is an important event for Dillingham High School music students. Outcomes of the festival are similar each year: all schools perform as a group while covering specific portions of the Alaska State Performing Arts Standards, students may present solos and ensembles in competitions, and work with professional musicians during sectionals and rehearsals. This education grant supports travel costs so students may participate in the festival.

Togiak School: Togiak School Classroom Technology Refurbishment
Communities Served: Togiak

Grant purpose: The goal of this education project is to provide projectors and ELMO devices for an interactive interface with teaching materials and the internet in all Togiak School classrooms. Computer projectors allow teachers to provide access to websites, pictures, and other information that helps develop a connection with the content material. These connections allow students to expand their learning and view of the world in a shared way.

City of Egegik: Gasoline Dispensing Tank
Communities Served: Egegik

Grant purpose: The goal of this community and economic development project is the purchase of a 10,000 gallon double walled gas tank to add additional storage capacity to the existing 10,000 gallon tank. The additional gas storage capacity and the ability to purchase more gas in bulk, and at a lower cost, will result in cost savings for area residents and fishermen in the Egegik Fishing District.

Native Village of Ekuk: Ekuk Burn Box Operation
Communities Served: Ekuk

Grant purpose: The goals of this community and economic development project are to perform outreach to the community around disposal of solid waste. Residents will be informed of the availability of the burn box operation and of the ill health and environmental effects of burning trash in their own yards. The project will also support the collection of opinions from the community about establishing a solid waste disposal fee to ensure the sustainability of the Ekuk Burn Box Operation and the future proposed joint landfill with Clarks Point. The project will implement outreach activities as well the EPA film, "Alaska Tribal Air Toolkit."

Covenant House Alaska: Youth Homelessness and Human Trafficking Awareness in Bristol Bay
Communities Served: Chignik Bay, Chignik Lake, Igiugig, Levelock, Newhalen, Pilot Point, Perryville, Chignik Lagoon, Egegik, Kokhanok, Meshik, Nondalton and Tanalian

Grant purpose: Covenant House Alaska has been invited to provide education on the dangers of youth homelessness and human trafficking in rural Alaska at the Lake and Peninsula School District Academic and Athletic Meet. The students will consider ways to prevent homelessness in their community and survival skills and resources for youth if they become homeless. They will
also learn about human trafficking which is a global issue that is becoming more prevalent in Alaska. The goal of this project is to provide rural youth with important information on how to avoid potential predators and find safe, legitimate assistance if they become stranded while away from their community.

City of Egegik: Electrical Distribution System Upgrade/Replacement
Communities Served: Egegik

Grant purpose: This energy project will support the replacement of the existing power distribution system in Egegik. The current system is 30-50 years old and has exceeded its intended useful life. There is acceleration in the number of power outages and deterioration in
the quality of the power due to component failure. The replacement of the existing power distribution system will result in more stable and reliable power with far fewer outages and lower power rates for all customers.

The Lake and Peninsula Borough: Lake and Peninsula Borough Grant Writing Workshop
Communities Served: Port Alsworth, Nondalton, Iliamna, Newhalen, Pedro Bay, Kokhanok, Igiugig, Levelock, Egegik, Ugashik, Ivanof Bay, Pilot Point, Port Heiden, Chignik Bay, Chignik Lake, Chignik Lagoon, Perryville

Grant purpose: The Lake and Peninsula Borough will present a three day workshop in King Salmon in early 2012. The goal of this community and economic development project is to increase in the quantity and quality of grant applications being submitted from borough communities to a variety of funders. Another goal is to create a network of grant writers in the borough to encourage collaboration on regional projects, especially regional infrastructure projects.

Boys & Girls Clubs of Southcentral Alaska: Be GREAT!
Communities Served: Naknek

Grant purpose: Boys & Girls Clubs support young people in their quest to become highachieving students by incorporating academically beneficial activities into the Club’s daily program schedule. The Be Great! education project will feature activities such as homework help
and tutoring, high-yield learning and leisure activities, parent and adult involvement, collaboration with schools, and incentives. The Naknek Boys & Girls Club will implement the project in a culturally appropriate fashion and tailor it to the strengths and resources of the
Naknek community and Clubhouse. The goal of Be GREAT! is to increase the academic performance of Boys & Girls Club Members.

Igiugig Tribal Village Council: Igiugig Fuel Truck
Communities Served: Igiugig

Grant purpose: The goal of this community and economic development project is to purchase and ship a refurbished fuel delivery truck that is safe, reliable, and affordable for the community of Igiugig. The outcome will be the ability to continue bulk fuel deliveries to serve all residents, visitors, and commercial operations in the community. The overarching goal is to keep the price per gallon of unleaded fuel as low as possible to help make living in the community sustainable.

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