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Minto Land Claims Settled


Anchorage, AK) – Seth-de-ya-ah Corporation, the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act (ANCSA) village corporation for the village of Minto and the Minto Village Council, recently completed a multi-year effort to identify all of the ANCSA Section 14(c) land claims for the village and the surrounding 69,000 acres of
Seth-de-ya-ah Corporation owned lands. The ANCSA, 14(c), provision is an essential step in clearing clouded land title and providing a land base for private and public development.

Section 14(c) of ANCSA provides for residents, businesses, non-profits, airport operators, and the communities transfer of title so they own the land they occupied back on December 18, 1971, the date of the passage of ANCSA. This provision also includes land for future expansion of communities. Rather than have a federal agency determine the boundaries and validity of lands occupied in Native villages, ANCSA calls for village corporations, the local ANCSA land holders, to adopt policy, accept applications, and make the land claim determinations. Villages that have completed the 14(c) process benefit by having greater certainty over land ownership and boundaries, which encourages investment.

The process of settling land claims in the Minto area has culminated in the submission of a map called the ANCSA 14(c) Map of Boundaries to the Bureau of Land Management BLM. The purpose of the map is to direct the surveying of land parcels for conveyance to valid claimants. The Division of Community and Regional Affairs (DCRA) staff also prepared the community land settlement documents, and technical assistance to Seth-de-ya-ah Corporation and the Minto Village Council.

DCRA through the Municipal Lands Trustee Program (MLT) provides assistance to unincorporated communities with planning and negotiations for future cities. To find out more about the MLT program contact Keith Jost at (907) 269-4548.

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