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Harbour to Speak at Texas Alliance of Energy Producers


4-25-12 - Texas Alliance of Energy Producers

Commentary:  Our friend, Consultant Paul Ziff Paul Ziff, Energy Consultant, Shale Gas, Photo by Dave Harbour(NGP Photo), sent us his new paper yesterday, “Natural Gas Under Siege”.  He says that in today’s price environment, every MCF of gas produced increases a producer’s financial loss.  If one adds to that scenario, desire of the Feds to overregulate shale, the loss to producers and production decline will be exacerbated.  -dh


Today, your author has the pleasure of addressing the annual meeting of the Texas Alliance of Energy Producers.  We will add the prepared text (here), though it was only used as a guide.  We will try to also obtain John Hofmeister's presentation.  -dh 
Membership Breakfast Speaker:
Dave Harbour, Texas Energy Alliance, Wichita SpringsDave Harbour, Commissioner Emeritus, Author, Regulator, Lobbyist
Membership Breakfast Featured Speaker: Dave Harbour, of Anchorage, Alaska, former Chairman Alaska Regulatory Commission, commissioner Emeritus of the National Association of Regulatory Commissioners and Publisher of Northern Gas Pipelines, will discuss the vital role for Texas and Alaska in the security and economic health of the United States. The breakfast begins at 7:30 am on April 25, 2011.
Industry Luncheon Speaker:  John Hofmeister,  Former President, Shell Oil Company
John Hofmeister, Dave Harbour, OCS, Texas Energy AllianceJohn Hofmeister, the former President of Shell Oil Company, delivers straight talk about the oil and gas industry. Since retiring in 2008, Hofmeister has been working for a better understanding of the oil business by the public and vice versa. He has written a book, “Why We Hate the Oil Companies: Straight Talk from an energy insider.” He organized the Citizens for Affordable Energy that promotes sound U.S. energy security solutions for America.



Glouster Times by Richard Gaines.  The chairman of the U.S. House Natural Resources Committee, backed by a national coalition that ranges from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce to the Gloucester Fishermen's Wives Association, is urging a shutoff to all funding geared toward implementation of a National Ocean Policy created by an executive order signed by President Obama, rather than congressional action.



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