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Baker Hughes Releases JewelSuite™ 2012 Reservoir Modeling Software


HOUSTON, TEXAS (Apr. 30, 2012) – Baker Hughes announces the release of JewelSuite™ 2012, the latest version of the global oilfield service company’s reservoir modeling software that makes it simple for operators to evaluate potential sweet spots and analyze thousands of wells.

JewelSuite 2012 reservoir modeling software now offers enhanced functionality with a complete workflow for unconventional plays. An ongoing dialogue with current Baker Hughes customers assisted in the development of the newest version of JewelSuite. The 2012 software improves the understanding of unconventional plays with integrated 3-D models that enable visualization of all relevant datasets.

The software now includes Blue Marble Geographics’ GeoCalc™ coordinate transformation library ensuring correct well placement and offers a workflow for unconventional plays that enables sweet spotting from regional models to detailed reservoir or well models. Users can easily analyze sector models and run different production scenarios. The ability to study a smaller subsection without recreating the model allows for the comparison of different sweet spots quickly, as well as a juxtaposition of the impact different fracture plans may have.

JewelSuite 2012 also offers improved performance and usability. It can handle very large data sets and allows customers to view and analyze thousands of wells at once. Additionally, JewelSuite provides improved efficiency through enhanced connectivity to Computer Modelling Group’s IMEX™ and GEM™ reservoir simulators, also using Tartan and LGR gridding. This allows for the analysis and optimization of detailed flow behavior around the wellbore and its fracture stages.

The latest version of JewelSuite also incorporates enhanced Multi Point Statistics through a more intuitive interface with faster run times, and enables batch processing of property modeling. The latest software offers a significant step to helping operators develop the tailored plans they need in today’s unconventional plays.


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