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AT&T Partners with Girls Scouts on Anti-Texting Campaign, Announces Funding for Stay-In-School Program


If you start noticing neighborhood Girl Scouts wearing patches that look an awful lot like little smartphones, don’t be surprised.

Soon, Girl Scouts around the region will be earning the patches by promising not to send text messages when they are old enough to drive. The effort, a partnership between the scouts and AT&T called “It Can Wait: Don’t Text and Drive,” is one of two youth-focused initiatives announced by local representatives for the telecommunications giant at an event Tuesday inside the new AT&T store in Downtown Crossing.

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Learn more about AT&T's Program

Dangers of Text Messaging and Driving

The Last Text

Watch AT&T's new 10-minute documentary titled "The Last Text," featuring stories of real individuals whose lives have been adversely affected by texting behind the wheel.

AT&T created this documentary as part of its "It Can Wait" campaign because we want consumers be safe while using our technology. We are grateful and humbled by the bravery of the people who agreed to be on camera for the documentary. We would have no story to tell without them.

Watch captioned ten minute documentary | Watch 90-second preview | Watch reactions to the documentary






A resource for all wireless users on the dangers of texting while driving.

Take out your wireless device. Read the last text message you received out loud. Would reading or responding to that text message from behind the wheel of a moving vehicle be worth the risk of getting into a car accident or worse? Chances are, the text message could wait.

In today's 24/7/365 world, staying connected is no longer an option. It's a necessity. With a tenfold increase in text messaging over the last three years according to CTIA — The Wireless Association, there is no question that texting is increasingly becoming the way many communicate today. And, for many, the allure to quickly read and respond — even from behind the wheel of a moving vehicle — can be tempting. But texting and driving is dangerous.

Our goal is to educate all wireless users, but especially teen drivers, that there is a smart way to text.

Our message is simple, yet vital: When it comes to texting and driving, it can wait.

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